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The Michigan English Language Arts Battery (MELAB) Exam Test preparation

The Michigan English Language Arts Battery is an advanced test of English, similar to other ESL Exams which are required for entrance to many US Universities and Colleges. The exam lasts for about 3 1/2 hours.

Scheduling & Rescheduling your test

   • Your application for the MELAB test is valid for 6 months from the time you apply.
   • You do not have to pay any extra fees if you want to postpone your exams if you contact the centre in writing. You cannot reschedule a missed exam.

Exam Structure

   • Part 1:  Written composition/essay (30 minutes)
   • Part 2: Listening comprehension test ( 35 minutes)
   • Part 3:  Multiple choice questions on prose,

Exam Score

A Score report is sent 3-5 weeks after the exam.

Exam Details

   • Candidates are eligible to take the MELAB test six times in any consecutive twelve-month period. You will need to wait for one month between two test attempts.
   • Candidates can also take an optional speaking test by separate arrangement. The speaking test lasts for approximately 15 minutes.
   • Candidates can take the written tests and not the speaking test, however the speaking test cannot be taken without the written tests.
   • Candidates must take the oral exam if applying for graduate school in Canada or the US

Exam Components

   •  Essay Writing (30 minutes, choice of 2 topics for essay)
   • Listening Comprehension (40 minutes, 50 multiple choice questions)
   • Grammar
   •  Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary (75 minutes, 120 multiple choice questions)
   •  10 - 15 minute interview.

Why not do everything you can to increase your score?

Complete MELAB Study Guide and 2 Practice Tests

Complete MELAB study guide and 2 practice tests prepared by a dedicated team of experts with everything you need to pass the Michigan English Language Arts Battery.

Over 400 pages including:
   •  Self-assessment modules
   • Tutorials to get you up to speed FAST on all content
   • 2 complete MELAB practice tests
   •  Over 380 MELAB questions on:

       •  Written composition (essay)
       •  Grammar
       •  Vocabulary
       • English Grammar
       •  Cloze
       •  How to Take an Oral Exam


   •  How to Study: The Complete Guide
   •  How to Take a Test: the Complete Guide
   •  How to Improve your Vocabulary - Powerful Vocabulary learning techniques! With 250 bonus vocabulary questions
   • Multiple Choice Secrets: How to increase your score on any multiple choice exam. Practice multiple choice strategies with 50 practice questions and full commentary, explanation and strategy tips from exam experts.

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Printed Book

ISBN/EAN13: 1477601856 / 9781477601853
Pages: 418
Color: Black and White
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PDF Downoad Version

ISBN: 978-1-927358-19-1 Pages: 418
Color: Black and White
Format: PDF Download

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2 MELAB Practice Test Question Sets

2 complete practice tests with comprehensive answer key, explanations, multiple choice stratey, test tips and solutions. Over 300 Questons. PDF Download after purchase.

Printed Book

ISBN/EAN13: 1478215860 / 9781478215868
Pages: 160
Binding: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Color: Black and White
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PDF Download
Pages: 113

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Other Formats

MELAB Kindle
Barnes and Noble NOOK

The Michigan English Language Assessment Battery and MELAB are trademarks of the University of Michigan English Language Institute, which is not affiliated with, nor do they endorse this product. 
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