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Learning English with Laughter supports these Schools with Curriculum:  Clinica Esperanza provides low-cost/no cost medical care to the people of Roatan. Patients can receive services from the walk-in medical clinic, women’s health center, pediatrics inpatient hospital, adult and pediatrics dental clinics with support from a laboratory and pharmacy. The clinic also provides outreach clinics and community health […]

Choosing a Children’s ESL Curriculum

Choosing a Children’s ESL Curriculum

  The first thing that one has to realize when faced with a class of ESL children is that they are not short adults, they are something entirely different. Teaching ESL children can be extremely rewarding, and all kinds of fun, but having an interesting and effective curriculum is all important.

Suggestions for Cutting Costs in Providing Your Children's ESL Curriculum

Suggestions for Cutting Costs in Providing Your Children’s ESL Curriculum

Saving Money on Children’s Curriculum   The world has entered a period of difficult times. Millions of people have lost their jobs, companies that have had many years of success are closing their doors and people around the world are looking for ways to reduce their expenses. This article suggests some ideas that could reduce […]

ESL Bingo Games!

ESL Bingo Games!

Everyone loves a game! People in every country participate in games, watch games and talk about games. They stimulate the economies of the world and foster international friendship and understanding. Why don’t we use more games in our educational systems? Why do the students spend so much time memorizing basic facts when a game would […]

Using Your ESL Curriculum

Using Your ESL Curriculum

ESL Adult Curriculum are available by the thousands. If you have already chosen a curriculum, in all probability it is satisfactory, but how the teacher uses it is the big question. Often the students attend English classes after a hard day’s work, so there must be some social benefits for them, stemming from a good class […]

Tips on Choosing an ESL Curriculum

Tips on Choosing an ESL Curriculum

What is the basic goal of any ESL program? “Why, that’s easy”, you might say, “it is to teach the students to speak English!” If that’s the case, why do so many programs fail? In Canada, most students took French in school, but very few people can speak even passable French. In the Czech Republic, […]

Learning English with Laughter

ESL Practice Questions – The Present Perfect Tense – Ancient Egypt Part 2

Many of the English grammar tenses are not too difficult but others give students a lot of trouble deciding when to use them. Since we can’t think through a grammar rule as we speak, the best way is to participate in activities with other students, speaking orally and using the tenses. This blog will provide […]

Computers are magic teachers

Tips for Cutting Costs and Choosing Software for Teaching ESL

 Buying affordable computers and choosing software is an interesting but formidable task. The availability of computers for teaching English varies greatly from country to country. A computer requires a considerable outlay of money but that is just the beginning. The purchaser must also buy all the systems that will allow the students to connect to […]

ESL students

Choosing an ESL Curriculum for Teens and Adults

To choose an ESL program, it is important to define your goals.  Ultimately, students need to know what to say when they go into a grocery store in an English speaking country. They need to be able to speak English. Knowing all about the past perfect tense and knowing 1500 English words is of no […]