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trips to canada widnfall
A trip to Canada Seeing the World The Windfall

Intermediate Conversation Activities Ebook Package

WARNING: Once students start playing these engaging and fun activities -- they can't get enough! Allow lots of time!

Activity #1 -- A trip to Canada ($4.95 value)

Summary: You have just had an exciting phone call! You are the winner of a contest sponsored by Air Canada! You have won a free flight to any point in Canada, return, two weeks' free car rental, and $1000.00 towards your expenses.

Activity #2 - Seeing the World ($4.95 value)

Summary: Four people plan a trip -- while planning their tip, they write a paragraph, do exercises on infinitives and gerunds, and do a role-playing activity.

Activity #3 - The Windfall ($6.95 value)

Summary: Lou Wilson, the meanest man in town left all of his estate, approximately $950,000, to the city. The will said that the city was to spend the money in "some lasting way for the betterment of the citizens." That is when the fun begins! Everyone wants to spend the money differently. Students debate how to spend the money!

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You get 3 activities ($16.85 Value) for only $9.99!

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